Wearable technology is an integral part of human lives now, from Fitbit to Apple Watches to Garmin fitness trackers. When it comes to wearing technology, how does that tech translate from casual use to on-the-job applications?

Host Kaylee Nix looks at what it takes to bring wearable tech into warehouses on this episode of At Your Doorstep. Nix welcomes Lior Elazary, founder and CEO at inVia Robotics, and Gabe Grifoni, founder and CEO at Rufus Labs, to discuss how the companies’ partnership is changing the warehouse space. 

InVia and Rufus provide warehouse workers with wearable technology that optimizes the way they move around the warehouse floor. That wrist tech pairs with the robotics technology to use the robots to fill in the gaps around what humans are able to during the workday. 

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