On this week’s episode of Taking the Hire Road, DriverReach founder and CEO Jeremy Reymer welcomed Mark Tinney, president and CEO of JOBehaviors, an analytics provider that helps identify the best candidates for your company. The two discuss how to utilize behavioral analytics in hiring strategies.

A big problem facing many driver recruiters is that their recruiting goals are misaligned. Tinney explains quantity shouldn’t be a carrier’s only objective, saying quality is equally, if not more, important in recruiting. He reminds fleets that whom you hire will ultimately determine your culture.

“In many cases, the recruiters do what they do best, which is to market the company and get people in the pipeline. Rarely, however, are recruiters given the tools to identify quality in the candidate pool,” Tinney said.

Tinney said that carriers should look beyond standard performance metrics when reviewing candidates, arguing that it’s often the case that many meet the minimum qualifications for a job but end up being poor performers. This inadvertently leaves carriers exposed to even greater liabilities.

“[JOBehaviors] identifies the behaviors that account for success in that position and proactively identify individuals in the candidate pool that are in alignment behaviorally with those top performers,” Tinney said, explaining that for most jobs, 80% of the deciding factors can be based on behavioral characteristics, whereas only 20% are related to actual technical experience.

Tinney asserts that employers will see about 10 personality types in candidates, so carriers shouldn’t disregard certain drivers just because they don’t fit the preconceived mold of what they think a leader acts like. He added that top performers can be found across the personality spectrum.

“We can identify nontraditional candidates from pools that, especially in a driver shortage situation, carriers may not want to pass over,” Tinney said. “[JOBehaviors] can go into those pools with confidence because we can identify those that are behavioral in alignment and may be getting passed over who would in fact be an asset to the company.”

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