Drivewyze, known primarily for its weigh station bypass software, is rolling out a new product offering a quicker inspection if a truck gets pulled over into the on-road facility.

The product has been dubbed E-inspection. Culminating what Doug Johnston, vice president of marketing, said was an effort that took several years, Drivewyze is offering drivers in three states, for now, the opportunity to electronically transfer inspection data from their ELDs directly to the enforcement officer at a weigh station. The three states are Maryland, Maine and Virginia, and Johnston said in an email to FreightWaves that signing on those states and other “stakeholder agencies” was a process that took several years to complete.

At present, drivers who are pulled into a weigh station and are subjected to a Level III inspection are required to manually transfer the data to the inspection agent. With E-inspection, data can be pulled from the ELD hosting Drivewyze and transferred to the inspector “in a matter of minutes versus the traditional 30-, 60-minute processing time at weigh stations,” Drivewyze CEO Brian Heath said in a prepared statement announcing the offering. “It’s a major step in the modernization of roadside inspections.”

Johnston said the current slow process for conducting a Level III inspection means that “only a fraction of trucks that are pulled through into a weigh station get inspected, and most get waved through because it takes up to half an hour for an officer to collect all the information needed to conduct even a simple Level III inspection.”

And while that may seem attractive on the surface to drivers, it also means that drivers with strong safety records won’t get the opportunity to have that recorded and improve their CSA score in the process, Johnston said. 

The stakeholders include ELD providers that host the Drivewyze Preclear product. The announcement about the release of what Drivewyze is calling E-inspections quoted several of them, including from Stephen White Jr., Class 8 business development manager from Geotab. “It’s why we made sure to have the software integration support needed to run the E-inspections from Drivewyze,” he said in the prepared statement.  

Eventually, Johnston said, “we expect that all of our partners will join this program.” He added that  there is no cost for current customers of the Drivewyze PreClear service.

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