CSX (NASDAQ: CSX) and Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) are working together to develop technologies aimed at making freight locomotives reduce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

First the two say they are partnering to demonstrate a new technology aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions during the start and stop of a locomotive.

CSX will put into demonstration Wabtec’s Trip Optimizer Zero-to-Zero system, which is an advanced technology that seeks to start a train from zero mph and then stop the train automatically using various controls. This technology builds upon Wabtec’s Trip Optimizer product, which Wabtec says has resulted in more than 400 million gallons of fuel savings and over 500,000 tons per year of CO2 reduction since the technology’s inception.

CSX also says it will be first to order Wabtec’s Tier 4 switcher modernization program, which seeks to upgrade 40-50-year-old locomotives and Tier 0 non-emission switch locomotives to Wabtec’s Tier 4 platform. This update will eliminate up to 90 tons of CO2 and 7 tons of NOx reduction per year, CSX said.

CSX will also employ Wabtec’s FDL Advantage engine upgrade on its locomotives. The technology provides up to an additional 5% reduction in fuel consumption through a high-pressure common rail fuel system offering improved injection control. These modernizations are reducing the carbon footprint by as much as 250 tons of CO2 per locomotive per year.

“These solutions will enable CSX to maximize the full potential of its fleet both from an environmental and financial perspective,” said Gina Trombley, Wabtec’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re helping CSX build upon these benefits by improving customer service and asset utilization with new, enhanced features to our modernization programs and Trip Optimizer Zero-to-Zero.”

The partnership between both companies will help CSX meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 37% by 2030, according to the railroad.

“We are excited to partner with Wabtec on advanced solutions that will transform our fleet while improving our carbon footprint,” said Jamie Boychuk, CSX executive vice president of operations. “By modernizing our fleet and implementing the new Trip Optimizer Zero-to-Zero, Wabtec’s sustainable technologies will help CSX achieve our climate goals.”

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